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What's New?

Here you will find the latest and greatest in new products and technology from the manufacturers we represent.  Please Contact Us if you need additional information.

Optotech - OTL100 Excimer

The OTL100 Excimer UV-Laser Engraving machine is a very flexible, economic, effecient and safe automatic laser engraving system.


Optotech - OAC-25 Plus

The OAC-25 Plus evaporation coater is optimized for short process times. Perfect AR coater for small wholesale and retail labs, start-up AR operations, and mirror coatings.


MEI - New 4RacerTBA Swift

All you need in your lab for the lens inspection and mounting is packed inside MEI 4RacerTBA Swift, that features unparalleled automatic inspection abilities and fast self controlled edging process, with the smallest physical and environmental footprint of the market. 


Optotech - New DeBoxer

DeBoxer CNC-Controlled Machine for Automatic Unpacking of Semi-Finished Lenses


Optotech - New FLASH-A NG Digital Surfacing-Turning Machine

The FLASH-A NG is the most recent member of our FLASH series. The combination of an optimized ultrafast tool spindle and a high-performance controller make the FLASH-A NG one of the most efficient digital surfacing-turning machines on the market.


MEI -EasyFit NoBlock Trend

Born from MEI’s experience in manufacturing lens edging machines, the EasyFit Trend is the new block-less compact solution tailored for optical shops and small labs. This new edger represents a further breakthrough for the field with its unique features. 


MEI - New Bisphera Phoenix

BispheraTBA Phoenix is the new MEI lens edger perfect for any kind of small and big lab, offering excellent throughput, great flexibility, and best-in-class quality control capability, unique features in the overall edging machinery scenario.


Visionix - WECO C6 Industrial Automatic Finish Blocker

WECO has more experience than anyone in the field of industrial Automatic Blocking, as a result, it has developed a revolutionary next generation blocker that is designed to boost the output of your lab.


Visual Eyes Top 10

View the top 10 collections and the top 10 styles within those collections from Visual Eyes Eyewear!


MEI Digital Catalog

MEI's new Digital Product Catalog with QR Scans for all equipment and accessories.


MEI Easy Buddy

Easy Buddy consists of an automatized system that, with it's integrated cobot, feeds your EasyFit Trend, enhancing productivity.


MEI Air2Go

The new MEI air compressor tailored for the EasyFit lens edger