Line Card

Artcraft Frames
The Artcraft USA Workforce safety eyewear includes American Made plastic and metal frames for men and women with tasteful styling, fashionable colors, quality materials and proven sizes.


Cerium Optical
Optical Tape, Pads, Polish.  Plastic/Organic Surfacing Products, Glass/Mineral Surfacing Products, Defoamer and Suspension Agents, Glazing Pads, Tinting Products.


Chemistie by Eyenavision
Magnetic Eyewear that Clicks! Chemistrie Sun Lenses, Chemistrie Blue, Chemistrie Readers


Eye Q Eyewear
Eyewear collections from - Dickie's, Yudu, Apollo, Apollo Sport, Buxton, Equinox, Genius, Georgetown, Masterpiece, Stylewise, Sydney Love.


Lens Generating Coolant and Filtration Systems, Pump Stations, Swarf Compactor/Briquetter, Waste Water Treatment, Coolant Feed & De-foaming


Hudson Optical
A division of Artcraft Optical, Hudson makes pemium quality safety frames. Our latest collection offers a wide assortment of safety frame styles, for men and women, in a full range of sizes and colors.



All-in-One industrial edger solutions for ophthalmic laboratories including EasyFit NoBlock Trend, 641 TBA, BiSphera Phoenix, and Racer Swift. 




Lensco is a privately held warehousing and distribution facility established in 2007. Products include Semi-Finished and Finished Ophthalmic lenses in glass and plastics from 1.50 index to 1.74 index. Q-Shades+ photochromic in single vision, bifocal, and trifocal from 1.50 index to 1.74. 


Nano Magic

Top quality nanotechnology powered lens cleaner and anti-fog that clean, protect, and enhance products for peak performance.. 



OptoTech has the broadest range of machinery and process technology available on the world market for both precision and ophthalmic optics. Pre-processing, generating, polishing, AR, measuring and post-processing – we always offer a complete line of equipment for all your manufacturing needs.


Ultra Optics

Mini II Coating System, Ultra Rx Automatic Coating System, M/R III Automatic Coating System, OTB On The Block Coating System, 44R & 54R Robotic Coating System. UVNV, XBT, UV-87, AST-1, and UVNQ coatings.


Visionix - Luneau & Optovue

Formerly known as Luneau Technology and Optovue Inc. in North America, Visionix manufactures a wide array of instruments and equipment for optical professionals and laboratories. Visionix world-class technology sets the standard for a wide variety of lens finishing equipment. Visionix has earned a reputation for offering cutting-edge technology at an affordable price.



Western Optical Supply

Western Optical Supply offers an affordable and extensive product line of innovative, high-quality optical supplies and equipment including hand tools, adjusting pliers, drivers, nose pads, and more.