Line Card

Blutech Lenses
The ultimate lens product for blue light protection. Available in polycarbonate and 1.56 index. Indoor (Plano AR, FSVAR, SFSV, SF FT28) Outdoor Polarized (Plano AR, SFSV, SF FT28)

Cerium Optical
Optical Tape, Pads, Polish.  Plastic/Organic Surfacing Products, Glass/Mineral Surfacing Products, Defoamer and Suspension Agents, Glazing Pads, Tinting Products.

Chemistie by Eyenavision
Magnetic Eyewear that Clicks! Chemistrie Sun Lenses, Chemistrie Blue, Chemistrie Readers

Digital Optometrics

Comprehensive eye examinations can now be performed remotely utilizing ophthalmic equipment and cutting edge technology. Doctors of optometry perform examinations from remote sites using proprietary software, remotely operated equipment, high definition video conferencing, and internet accessibility.

Eye Q Eyewear
Eyewear collections from - Dickie's, Yudu, Apollo, Apollo Sport, Buxton, Equinox, Genius, Georgetown, Masterpiece, Stylewise, Sydney Love.

Lens Generating Coolant and Filtration Systems, Pump Stations, Swarf Compactor/Briquetter, Waste Water Treatment, Coolant Feed & De-foaming



All-in-One industrial edger solutions for ophthalmic laboratories including EzFit Standard, EzFit NoBlock, EzFit TBA, 641, BiSphera, and Racer. 


OptoTech has the broadest range of machinery and process technology available on the world market for both precision and ophthalmic optics. Pre-processing, generating, polishing, AR, measuring and post-processing – we always offer a complete line of equipment for all your manufacturing needs.


Salt Life Sunglasses

Ronor is a provider of premium optical accessories. Cleaning solutions, Microfibre cloths, Cases, Bags, and Essential Packages. Personalization is available.

Seemless Eyewear
Seemless is a new exclusive bonded rimless eyewear technology which is different than all other drilled rimless on the market


Ultra Optics

Mini II Coating System, Ultra Rx Automatic Coating System, M/R III Automatic Coating System, OTB On The Block Coating System, 44R Robotic Coating System. UVNV, XBT, UV-87, AST-1 coatings.

CV Optics

Offers a wide range of semi-finished and finished lens products in CR39, polycarbonate, 1.60, 1.67, and 1.74 materials. Including blue light filter, photochromic, and polarized.